If you bought a PowerPoint/PDF product on TeachersPayTeachers before school shut down and we all went to distance learning, you had two options for using that resource in Google:

  1. Convert it yourself, slide by slide, to a google presentation…ugh!
  2. Hope the seller has converted the resource for you–but then you have to rebuy it!

TpT Digital Activities

But now TPT is offering buyers something brand new, and we think you are going to really like it. It is called a “TPT Digital Activity” and it is going to make your life so much easier…no matter when you go back to the classroom!

You get the original resource you are already familiar with. BUT that product has a new interactive layer that you can customize for your student in your google classroom. Thank-A-Teacher has already added an interactive layer for your students to respond to right on the screen. 

Use our layers or tweak them, add your own, ignore or delete those you don’t want. No printing, no waste. We want to give you the closest thing to no-prep as possible. Answer keys and other teacher-only pages have been removed from the TPT Digital Activities products but are still included in the original product. You get the best of both worlds. Here is a video from TpT about this tool:

TpT Activities and Thank a Teacher Resources

Here’s an example of how we use this tool with one of our products. You could buy our Chumash Tribe Informational Text & Activities resource and use it in the customary ways: print it out for students to read or show it as a PowerPoint.

But now, for no additional charge (Woo-hoo!!!), you can download the TPT Digital Activity google file. We’ve added a close reading question on each page of text which may ask students to highlight evidence in the text, answer questions, trace a route on a map and more. We also added answer boxes on the worksheets, so all work is assigned, completed, and graded online through TPT. Student work is completely private.


  1. Go to the TPT product page where you buy the resource
  2. Click on the red button “Use as a Buyer.”
  3. Layer away!

It’s that easy. Check out our interactive digital products on TPT and make them uniquely your own.

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